strange fruit


In the middle of the covid-19 Pandemic, Zaida has offered to open her house freely to other victims of domestic violence like her. A year later, she is sharing the house with another 6 women: Julia, Michelle, Eve, Maria, Amel and Javeria, but instead of a shelter her home has become a melting pot made out of each woman’s traumas and insecurities.

They live in a state of constant tension and vent their untold feelings by picking on the other women in the closed environment of a lockdown, but when a mysterious person rings the doorbell the whole group enters a heated debate about whether to let the stranger in, or not.

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Behind the scenes

(Making of the teaser)

So fitting a film about domestic violence during a global pandemic lockdown filmed under these exact circumstances. We were able to grab a small number of our cast in no particular order or preference and film in the safest way possible the teaser for the film Strange Fruit. Fortunately we had a trained professional on our team able to assist with all the covid-19 safety measures needed to film on this day preventing putting anyone at risk.

Meet the Team

(part 1 - The cast)

Inna Bagoli


French model by profession. Made quite a name and reputation for herself in the modelling world. Her funds/savings contribute towards them surviving the pandemic. She doesn’t like getting involved in petty discussions and arguments. The other characters seem to respect her either out of love or fear. They do not want to be in her bad books. She is dressed provocatively, is in good physical shape, as is maintaining her social media presence.


Italian bar-girl. Likes to be the centre of attention, jumping in conversations when not needed, highly-opinionated. Not good at picking up emotional cues, before the Rape incident she was an easy-going, friendly person. Her family is conservative and blames the incident on her for wearing short dresses, flirting with the boys from the neighbourhood. Seeing her culprits free becomes unbearable. Name-calling & body-shaming her on every encounter. She decides to leave her home and never return. The trauma of rape has affected her normality, her ambition is snatched. She doesn’t want to play the victim but all of that turns into anger. Her defence mechanism is high, and she is quick on jumping to conclusions

Eleonora Cucciarelli

Annie Wellington


Jamaican, tough & un-phased, no-nonsense, straight to the point kind of character, she has just reached the point where age is beginning to encroach on her incredible looks. She loves children but cannot conceive. This reality and the abuse over the years has made her bitter & unemphatic. She ends up hurting people with her words, she is totally against someone new coming into the flat. This changes by the end of the film.


Spanish pharmacist married to a painter. Her husband has not worked in the last 5 years. He is not at all accommodating. Not only she earns and owns the property, but she also has to do all the house chores. He just criticises, moans, and verbally abuses her. The last straw is when he starts getting physically abusive. She sedates him and leaves him in the room, as he threatened to kill her. She is maternal and never makes anyone feel that it is her house, so it has to be her rules. She suffers from anxiety but as the film progresses we see her gathering her composure and decides to let the new character inside to help them.

Sara Escriva

Molly Dee Chase


English, ambitious and has a positive attitude towards life. She is opinionated but emotionally attuned, outgoing, and friendly. As a writer, she is always intrigued by people, places & experiences. She recently got engaged and moved in with her fiancée, was over the moon till he started getting overly possessive & controlling in each aspect of her life. He wanted her to give up her life and be subservient to him. Her character despite all the challenges still proceeds to works towards her aspirations.


Greek, comes from a rich family, fell in love, and married a successful businessman. Later founds out he is abusing drugs & paying to have sex with hookers. When she confronted him, he was high as a kite. This is the first time someone has shouted at her. She comes from a sheltered background, she is sensitive and hates confrontation. Her character is compassionate and caring despite the trauma she experiences.


Letizia Mateo


Letizia Mateo

Spanish accent, since she turned 12, she has only known abuse. Not only from her husband but by his family too. They enslaved her, she has no education or social etiquette, her entire life wasted serving her husband & his family. She is close to Zaida as they both speak Spanish but still feels isolated because of the language barrier and lack of experiences to share with the other characters.